Bakery Shop Flyer
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Bakery Shop Flyer

Happy cake is homemade.

Open Daily from 8am. to 8pm.

Cell: (01) 1234 567 8901

Address: 123, Main Street, Your City, State, 65478


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publish time: 2021-03-26
Captain O Captain

A flyer is a handbill or advertising sheet handed out to people on the street. As shown in the bakery shop flyer example, a flyer is usually a single, unfolded printed sheet that is used to draw attention to an event, service, product, or idea. A bakery shop flyer should have a cook eye-catching cake or pastry picture in the middle, along with some ongoing discount offers that will attract the buyers. At the bottom of the bakery shop flyer, the details of the connecting person should be made clear along with the name and the contacting number. A bakery shop flyer card can be created using online or offline tools like EdrawMax.

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