Balanced Scorecard
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Balanced Scorecard

  1. Top Class Standards
  2. Market Feedback
  3. Fast Service Delivery
  4. Weekly Monitoring

  1. Strategic Awareness
  2. R&D
  3. Good System Availability
  4. Training Programs

  1. Operating Cost
  2. Unit Efficiency
  3. Improve Cashflow
  4. Monthly Monitoring
  1. Safety & Health
  2. Industrial Accident
  3. High Productivity
  4. Daily Monitoring





Vision & Strategy

publish time: 2021-03-26
Captain O Captain

As shown in the diagram, a key benefit of using a disciplined framework is that it gives the organization a way to connect the dots between the various components of strategic planning and management, meaning that there will be a visible connection between the projects and programs that people are working on, the measurements being used to track success, the strategic objectives the organization is trying to accomplish, and the mission, vision, and strategy to bring more customers to the organization. A balanced scorecard can be used to create EdrawMax and it includes financial measures that showcase the results of actions already taken. For an organization, a balanced scorecard also complements the financial measures with operational measures on customer satisfaction, internal processes, and the organization’s innovation.

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