Develop Empirical Equation Flowchart

Develop Empirical Equation Flowchart

Start Rheological Data from Objective 1Annular Pressure Losses DeterminationECD DeterminationDevelop Empirical Equation for Predicting Drilled Solid Concentration Through ECDValidation Using a Parity PlotConstruct a Relationship Between Drilled Solid Concentration and Cutting Transport RatioDevelop a Relationship between Cutting Transport Ratio and Bit HydraulicsValidation Through Modified B&Y model performance in Objective 3EndFrom Experimental DataFrom Actual Drilling Report
publish time: 2021-04-05

Here is a flowchart for deciding to develop an empirical equation. A flowchart is a diagrammatic representation of a process or workflow. This can be to represent an algorithm or showcase steps on how to solve a task. When getting started, rheological data from objective 1, then annular pressure losses determination. Learn more details from this flowchart, and try to make yours with ease.

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