My Job and Hobby List Diagram
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My Job and Hobby List Diagram

Laura always enjoyed the art, especially the theatre, and every year in August, where she lives, take place a showcase of comedians, dancers, musicians and theatre productions. She works as a guide, and she wants to be an organiser, but it's tiring.

Nick loves the guitar and he plays it since he was 5 years old, and he teach childrens how to play it. the childrens thinks that they will be rockstars in one day, but it will takes so much time. Nick wants to earn money playing his own music.





Michelle helps people to make websites. She always used a computer, since she was a child. One day, a friend told her to help him doing a website for his artworks, and more people come to her asking for websites, so she saw that as a job.

His father was a weeding photographer, and he always wanted to help him, so his father bought him a camera, since that he always take photos to him family or his friends. He works three times a week, and in the weekend he go to the sports events to take photos. He sold a lot of photos, but his work is painfull.

My hobby is my job!





publish time: 2021-04-06

This list diagram shows my job and my hobby, from which you can see that I love taking photographs and wants to take it as my job. A hobby is something you do to keep life fun and interesting, but the job is the way you earn for living. Learn more details from this list diagram, or try to make yours with ease.

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