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I had a feeling that the day was not going to go well

I had an interview for a part-time job. First I didn't hear the alarm, because the night before I had gone to bed very late. And fot that I haved to skip breackfast.

When I got there, I realised that I forgoten all my money, so I had to go back to the house. The bus pulled away from the bus stop, so I knew that I will be late to that interview

Then, it started to rain, so I looked like a drowned rat.

Finally in the place, I see a tall men, who ask me politely, "how can I help you?" and I response that I went there for a interview, so he told me that in that shop aren't any interview. So, I noticed that it was in the other shop

When I went to the real place, I do the interview, and I don't get the job.

This experience give me a lesson, that is, planify carefully the important things.

publish time: 2021-04-06

Here is a timeline of the bad experience of my day. From this diagram, you can see what I have suffered, like bad weather, part-time job interviews, and preparation for the job. Learn more details from this diagram, or try to make yours to record your life now.

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