Nike Five Forces Analysis
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Nike Five Forces Analysis

Power of Supplier

Power of supliers is low, Nike is such a big company that many are willing to supply

Threat of New Entrants

The Threat of New Entrants is low, Nike uses economies of scale which is impossible for New Entrants

Threat of Substitutes

The Threat of Substitutes is low, sports equipment has been demanded for the last centuries and will probably stay in demand

Power of Buyer

Power of Buyers is moderate, there are many competitors with similar products. However, to get the shoe their idol wears, many costumers go to Nike

Competitive Rivalry

It refers to the number and strength of your competitors.

publish time: 2021-04-09

Here is a diagram of the Nike five forces analysis, from which you can check its competitive rivalry, threats of new entrants, threats of substitutes, power of suppliers, and the power of buyers. The bargaining power of Nike's suppliers is low. The threat of substitute products is moderate for Nike. Learn more details from this Nike five forces analysis and try to make yours to organize knowledge.

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