Management Company Org Chart

Management Company Org Chart

Management Organization Chart


Management R...

Moding Dept

Design Section

Plastics Dept

Injection Section

Production Manageme...

Assembly of Spray pai...

Quality Control


Press Dept

Press Section

Production Manageme...


Quality Control

Molding Maintenance

Assembly Dept

Production Management

Assembly Section

Lines 1-10

R&D Section

R&D Dept


Business Management...

Semi-Finished Products

Finished Products

Steel Materials

Procurement Section

Materials Dept

Financial Affairs



Document Control Cen...

General Affairs

Administration Dept

Quality Control Section

Torsion Testing

Quality Engineering

Inbound/Outbound Mat...

Manufacturing Process

Quality Control Dept

Sales Section

Sales Dept

Bench Work Section

Team B

Team A

publish time: 2021-04-16
Captain O Captain

A Management organization chart graphically represents an organization’s structure, highlighting the different jobs, departments, and responsibilities that connect the company’s employees to each other and to the management team. As shown in the image, traditional organizational structures come in four general types, functional, divisional, matrix, and flat. Most org charts are structured by using the hierarchical model, which shows management or other high-ranking officials on top and lower-level employees beneath them. Understanding a company’s org chart graphically displays an employee’s hierarchical status relative to other individuals within the organization. As represented in the image, organizational charts use simple symbols such as lines, squares, and circles to connect different job titles that relate to each other.

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