Company Structure Org Chart
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Company Structure Org Chart

Purchasing Services Reporting Structure

Michael Demker


Annett Boger

Human Resource...

Robert Barnett

Office Support

Marty McGhie

Compensation & ...

Edward Miller

Recruiting Manager

Jan Nielsen

Human Resource...

Linda Stares

Executive Assistant

Julie Krause


Nick Faarvang

Information Securi...

Sacha Roest

Test Engineer

Lene Mathisen

Communications ...

Thomas Coady

Software QA Engi...

Daniel Gombe


James Dammar

Web Designer

David Gottelier

System Engineer

Carole Riley

System Analyst

Vincent Blignaut

Senior Engineer

Lawrence Flint

Project Manager

Steven Golding

Marketing President

Michael Andrews

Campaign Manager

James Doeble

Partner Relations

Ruth Barnsley

Online Sales Dire...

David Wilburn

Marketing Director

Tammy Hendricks...

Market Strategy

Linda Mortland

Chief Financial Of...

Keisha Fields

Settlement Officer

James Mosely

Planning Manager

Sandra Sifford

Cash Manager

Atheeq Ahmed

Account Manager

Hein Sabelis

Sales President

Janet Wilson

Sales Associate ...

Fabio Desideri

Sales Manager

Tony Coo

Sales Director

Rune Johannessen

Sales Manager

Nick Faarvang

Information Securi...

publish time: 2021-04-16
Captain O Captain

A company’s structure organization chart visually conveys a company’s internal structure by detailing the roles, responsibilities, and relationships between individuals within an entity. As shown in the image, most company’s org charts are structured by using hierarchical models, which show management or other high-ranking officials on top, and lower-level employees beneath them. A company’s organizational structure can use functions, markets, products, geographies, or processes as their guide, and cater to businesses of specific sizes and industries. As represented in the image, organizational charts use simple symbols such as lines, squares, and circles to connect different job titles that relate to each other.

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