Wellness Program Roadmap
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Wellness Program Roadmap

Month 6

Month 12

Month 4

Month 2

Month 1

Week 2


v. By the third month, 65% of employees should have solidified their own personal eating schedule.

vii. By the middle of the wellness program(end of month six), the company is required to replace snacks with healthier snack alternatives for every meeting/conference.

viii. By the end of the wellness program, 80% employees will be able to present their understanding to their peers of what their experience was to achieve their goal.

vi. By the end of the fourth month, 65% of employees will be able to identify at least 5 different lifestyle replacements.

iii. By the end of the first month, 90% of employees choose a personal goal for this wellness program.

ii. By the end of the second week, 85% of employees will complete a personal health screening test.

i. By the end of the first week, at least 75% of employees will understand what the Healthy Food Pyramid is.

iv. By the end of the second month, 65% of the employees will plan a nutritious diet.

Month 3

publish time: 2021-05-01
Brandson Le

Here is a roadmap for the wellness program. A roadmap is a strategic plan that defines a goal or desired results. A roadmap document aims to provide a view of a strategic overview of the significant steps of the strategy or milestones needed to reach the goal. Learn more details from this roadmap, or try to make yours with ease.

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