Realistic VS Historical Fiction Venn Diagram

Realistic VS Historical Fiction Venn Diagram

Contemporary Realistic Fiction

-Stories about possible characters, settings, and events

-The stories are fiction due to

fictional characters and events

-Story can take place in real-time or relate to current situations.

Historial Fiction

-A story of past history.

-It has facts or information in the story, pertaining to a time and place.

-Author can create a story by combining facts imagination

*Both genres have plots that have believable situations that are resolved in real-time.

*They have settings that can be realistic, and present the events of the story.

*The characters are fitting to the story and may change and develop throughout it.

*Both genres present a theme that is relatable to the reader.

publish time: 2021-05-05
Brisa Oen-Cuevas

Here is a Venn diagram regarding compare and contrasting realistic and historical fiction. Venn diagrams depict complex and theoretical relationships and ideas for a better and easier understanding. These diagrams are also professionally utilized to display complex mathematical concepts by professors, classification in science, and develop sales strategies in the business industry. Learn more details from this Venn diagram, or try to make yours with ease!

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