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Customized Tree Chart

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Published on 2021-05-20
A customized family tree chart is a chart that shows all the people in a family over many generations and their relationship to one another. A family tree chart or genealogy chart makes it easy to record the people, places, and events that make up your family history and then share it with others using share options. As per the attached image, the overall purpose of a customized family tree chart is to help one discover your family, and in turn, discover a bit about yourself. As the image shows, a customized tree chart helps you to know about the family members whom you have never met or known. This increases the bond with the distant family members who are also a part of a family. One gets to understand the different relationships which are necessary for an individual. EdrawMax or EdrawMax Online lets you create highly customized family tree charts that can be shared online or offline.
Family Tree
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