Decision Making Process Diagram
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Decision Making Process Diagram

To decide is to commit to a course of action. Frame your decision as a simple question answerable yes or no .

1. Frame the Decision

Write down all pros and cons you can think of. Take time to reflect on the decision and add to (or subtract from) the Pros and Cons. Continue this step for a period of time, not just a few moments.

2. List Possible Pros and Cons

Quantify the importance. A simple rating degree from 1 to 10 works well here. Extremely important would rate a 10; moderately important a 5 and not very important a 1.

3. Evaluate Importance of Pros and Cons

A certain Pro or Con rates a 10. A Pro or Con regarded as likely but not sure rates a 5. And a Pro or Con with slim chance rates a 1.

4. Assess Possibility of Pros and Cons

Multiply the rating for Importance times the rating for Possibility. A Pro that is extremely important (10) and is likely to be achieved (5) yields a weight of 50. A Con of absolutely high importance (10) but a little probability (1) yields only 10.

5. Weigh the Pros and Cons

Review and reflect all factors you have listed and quantified. They can tell you what decision to make.

6. Review and Reflect

publish time: 2021-05-20
Lisa Anderson

A decision-making process is regarded as the cognitive process resulting in the selection of a belief or a course of action among several possible alternative options. It could be either rational or irrational. As the diagram suggests, there are usually six steps that everyone has to decide. The first state frames the decision: to decide is to commit to a course of action. List possible pros and cons: write down all pros and cons one can think of. Evaluate the importance of pros and cons: quantify the significance. Assess the possibility of pros and cons: a certain pro or con rates a 10. Weigh the pros and cons: multiply the rating for importance times the rating for possibility. Review and reflect: review and reflect all factors you have listed and quantified. Use EdrawMax or EdrawMax Online to make a decision-making process diagram.

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