Demineralized Water PFD
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Demineralized Water PFD

Raw Water(Hard Water) Inlet

Clean Water (Soft Water) Outlet

Hard Warter

Resin particles absorb the minerals in hard water.

Clean Water (Soft Water)

Brine Tank


The brine regenerate and restore the minerals absorbed by resin particles.

Demineralized Water Process Flow Diagram

publish time: 2021-05-20
Lisa Anderson

A demineralized water process flow diagram example can be created using EdrawMax or EdrawMax Online. The process flow diagram shows how the mineralized water is filled in the brine tank and is processed through a high-pressure pump so that the hard water will remove the minerals and ions. Demineralized water is water that has been purified in such a way that most of its mineral- and salt-ions are removed. Demineralized water is often used to sanitize containers and equipment. It is also used in certain food processing applications, although membrane filtration is usually the technology used so organic material, bacteria, and viruses can be eliminated.

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