Coca Cola SWOT Analysis
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Coca Cola SWOT Analysis





  • Coca-Cola is the top-most beverage brand with a presence in 200 countries
  • It bagged the highest brand equity award in 2011
  • Coca-Cola enjoys customer loyalty



  • It can increase its reach in untapped countries to boost the Coca-Cola market and supply-chain improvement
  • The company can popularise lesser-known products
  • It can also start a full-fledged business for health drinks


  • PepsiCo aerated drinks are giving it tough fights over market share
  • The company's soft drinks have high sugar content and other chemicals that have health concerns
  • Unlike PepsiCo, the company has not yet initiated a food business


  • People are interested in making healthy choices these days and so are avoiding aerated drinks
  • To source, raw material is a significant concern
  • The recent economic slowdown, inflation, and instability have affected its market share

Coca Cola SWOT Analysis

publish time: 2021-05-20
Lisa Anderson

For the Coca Cola SWOT analysis, it is crucial to know about its past and future planning. The Coca-Cola Company is a multinational beverage corporation in the U.S.A. It is engaged in the manufacturing, marketing, retailing of syrups and non-alcoholic beverage concentrates. Coca-Cola is now a leading name. It is a carbonated soft drink brand that the Coca-Cola Company manufactures. Learn more details from this Coca Cola SWOT analysis, and try to make yours with ease.

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