Whole Foods SWOT Analysis
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Whole Foods SWOT Analysis

  • To tackle the trouble that occurred due to expensive products, they have launched a new store (365), consisting of low price items
  • The company expanded its business on an international basis as well
  • They allied with Amazon

O - Opportunities

T - Threats

W - Weakness

S - Strength





  • For overcharging in their products, the company has faced negative publicity
  • The company has terrible competition with Walmart
  • The biggest weakness of this company is its over-dependence on the American Markets
  • The product price is over-priced, which led to another problem for the company
  • According to the customer's perception, the company is selling expensive products
  • Customers mainly opt for those companies, which have a very high brand image. This company holds a solid brand image
  • Quality is a primary factor while selling any product
  • Since the company delivers high-quality products, they have a chance to increase their products' prices

Whole Foods SWOT

publish time: 2021-05-20
Lisa Anderson

Whole Foods is a reputed American supermarket of natural and organic food. Even this company has a Multinational supermarket chain as well. They mainly sell hydrogenated, fat-free products with no artificial colors flavors, flavors, and preservatives. Whole Foods Market is one of the most recognized and largest organic and natural food supermarkets in the United States of America. Learn more about the Whole Foods Market from this SWOT analysis.

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