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Strategic Plan PERT Chart

Publish time:05-20-2021
Almost all project planning and scheduling tools to understand the strategic plan use some type of PERT or CPM methodology as their primary underlying methodology. Strategic plan PERT charts depict task, duration, and dependency information. Each chart starts with an initiation node from which the first task originates. If multiple tasks at the strategic plan begin at the same time, they are all started from the node or branch or fork out from the starting point. Each task is represented by a line, which states its name or other identifiers, its duration, the number of people assigned to it, and in some cases, the initials of the personnel assigned. The other end of the task line is terminated by another node, which identifies the start of another task or the beginning of any slack or float time. Try using EdrawMax or EdrawMax online to create a strategic plan PERT chart diagram for any of your projects.
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