Asset-Based Teaching
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Asset-Based Teaching

Asset-based teaching helps students feel welcomed, supported, and valued.Asset-Based Teaching Promotes Positive Behaviour in the ClassroomCulturally ResponsiveFocus on StrengthsEach Student as a WholeDraws on Student's InterestsConnects Prior KnowledgeStudent Centered Classroom-Takes an inclusive approach-Relates material to students’ lives-Create meaningful assignmentsIncorporates culture, homelife, prior experiences and knowledge-Relate to Content-Class projects on student interest-Students make meaningful connections-Student Voice-Allow students to explore-Build rapport-Structure lessons around strengths-Boosts students confidence
publish time: 2021-05-20
Jacqueline De Souza

Here is a fishbone diagram showing the asset-based teaching method for teachers to activate the students in the classroom. Asset-Based Pedagogies focus on the strengths that diverse students bring to the classroom. It is a direct response to deficit-based models to the education of the past. An asset-based approach to teaching is one that is grounded in what students can do rather than what they cannot do, or areas of weakness. It is an embodiment of a growth mindset in instruction. Learn more details from this fishbone diagram now!

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