Buying Bike Customer Journey Map
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Buying Bike Customer Journey Map

AwarenessConsiderationPurchasePaymentStagesPersonaJohn wanted to buy a new bikeUser actionsTouch pointswork flowPossible solutionsusing debit or credit cardsBy Cashcomparing several different models, Cost and technologyThrough onlineThrough retail / outletsAsk friends and co-workers,Through advertisement,Through internet Browsing Comforatbility while ridingExplain about Design and technologyTest rides before buyingProviding Best applications or websiteslots of advertisementsClarification about the apyments through online.Providing diffirent Payment methods.Pain pointsHe is not attracted much on motor bikes. JohnUniversityGerman classCity centre / Townsuper markets
publish time: 2021-05-22
Bharath Kumar BU

Here is a customer journey map about the process of buying a bike for customers, from which he went through from awareness to make the buying decisions. A customer journey map is a digital depiction of the consumer encounter that you have with the brand. It helps tell the tale of a customer's interaction with your company from an initial connection into a long-term relationship, ideally. Learn more details from this map, or try to make yours with ease.

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