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Tourism Circle Spoke Diagram

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How are tourists’ perceptions of Nerja affected by tourism materials? Do they feel they are getting an ‘authentic’ experience?

Focus: Touristic aspects (the caves, the Balcon, the beaches, the TV show ‘Verano Azul’.)

Positives: Beaches, restaurants

Negatives: No Andalucian charm

Culture: Balcon and its history, but then mentions its touristic aspects (view, ice cream). Nothing about festivals or traditions. Mediterranean restaurants described as the best.

Focus: Bars, restaurants, tourist destinations, atmosphere, music

Positives: Relaxing, busy, Spanish charm, bars

Negatives: Contrastingly, one mention of being too overrun for relaxation.

Culture?: Festivals, belly dancing, music, local cuisine (tapas), flamenco. one mention of visiting specifically for culture and history.

Focus: Touristic aspects (caves, Balcon, restaurants, beaches)

Positives: affordable, less fancy things preferred for her personally

Negatives: No charm, not the best beaches, crowdedness

Culture: Flamenco and Spanish guitars with dancing. Singing, with a candle, to the virgin Mary at midnight. Described as beautiful. Hair braiding and street artists at the Balcon. However, other cultures mentioned, such as Nepalese and Italian restaurants. Tapas.

Focus: Beaches, aesthetics, Balcon

Positives: The beaches- gorgeous, with clear blue seas. The Balcon and its views. Narrow streets have charm.

Culture: The Balcon de Europa, but not the history behind it. Mentions local cuisine; tapas

Focus: Tourist destinations, restaurants

Positives: Relaxing atmoshere, food, beaches

Negatives: Sometimes crowded

Culture: Balcon, local cuisine such as tapas, however restaurants from other cultures (Italian, English, Irish) are mentioned. Town is said to be very Spanish.

#Nerja on Instagram: No culture, all views (Balcon de Europa), beaches, and food from restaurants and bars.

#Spanishculture on Instagram: Flamenco music, food and dancing

publish time: 2021-05-24

Here is a circle-spoke diagram that is about tourism materials. The Circle Spoke Diagrams are often used to show the features or components of the central item in marketing and management documents and presentations.Learn more and create your diagram now.

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