Palm Datacenter Rack Diagram
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Palm Datacenter Rack Diagram

42U42U42U42UCisco Server2UCisco Server2UV70002UV7000 encloser2UDell Storage2UHP Storage2UCisco Server2USwitch2USwitch2USwitch2USwitch2UPatch Panel2UPatch Panel2UPatch Panel2UPatch Panel2UCore Switch2UCore Switch2UAPC Switch2UAPC Switch2UDell ServerDell ServerDell ServerDell ServerAPC SwitchAPC Switch2UFC Switch2UFC Switch2UV37002UBridge2UBackup server2U
publish time: 2021-05-27

Here is a rack diagram showing the inner structure of the Palm data center. The rack diagram is a two-dimensional elevation drawing representing a rack system, it is used as a server. A rack diagram can help you decide the setup of a rack, and you can also determine the best size of a rack to fit in your budget. Learn more details from this diagram, or try to make yours with ease now!

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