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Leonardo Da Vinci

Great Artists of the Renainssance

Leonardo was the supreme Renaissance painter, scientist, inventor, and polymath. Da Vinci is widely regarded as one of the greatest minds the world has ever produced.Amongst his many works was the immortal painting - The Mona Lisa.

Renaissance sculptor, painter and architect. Michelangelo is often thought of as embodying the spirit of the renaissance. His greatest works include the statue of David and his painting of the Sistine Chapel.

Italian painter. One of the three members of the high Renaissance trinity. Raphael was asked by Pope Julius II to work on rooms in the Vatican at the same time as Michelangelo worked on the Sistine chapel.

An Italian painter, Titian was a member of the 16th Century Venetian school. He was a prolific and verstaile artist who experimented with new forms of art, such as subtle variations in colour.

An Italian painter and sculptor. Donatello was a key figure in the early Florence renaissance. Major works includ David, Virgin and Child with Four Angels, St Mark and The Feast of Herod.

publish time: 2021-06-04

The detailed idea wheel diagram is like a mixture of the circle map and the spider map. This graphic organizer works for brainstorming and organizing ideas at the same time. The idea wheel attached below shows the greatest artists of the renaissance, like Leonardo Da Vinci, who is helmed as the supreme painter, scientist, inventor, and polymath. Donatello is recognized as the greatest painter and sculptor for creating the statue of David. The detail idea wheel also shows Raphael, one of the three members of the high Renaissance trinity. Instead of creating detailed idea wheel diagrams from scratch, try using EdrawMax or EdrawMax Online, as it has hundreds of predefined templates that make it easier to design the diagram.

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