Make Experiment Flowchart

Make Experiment Flowchart

Do background research.

State your hypothesis

Test your hypothesis by doing an experiment.

Collect and analyze data.

Steps to Do an Experiment

Put forward a problem or ask a question.

Draw conclusion.

publish time: 2021-06-04

A do experiment flowchart has all the steps that are required to conduct an experiment. The scientific method is a series of organized efforts to which an experiment is done. The scientific method helps you plan, predict, research, concluder, and maybe even publish the findings. The steps to do an experiment flowchart starts with putting forward a problem then doing some background research, followed by stating the hypothesis and testing it by conducting an experiment. The final steps of the experiment happen by collecting and analyzing data to draw appropriate conclusions. Choose the correct symbols for each activity from the EdrawMax and make the connection between the activities, and indicating the beginning and end of the process.

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