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Publish time:06-04-2021
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In this case, the two circles representing positive integers that are greater than 5 and positive integers that are less than 10 have an overlapping region that represents the set of positive integers that are both greater than 5 and less than 10—in other words, the set { 6, 7, 8, 9 }. A Venn diagram is the graphical representation of relations between various elements or components of a particular concept or scenario. 

1. What is Venn Diagram

A Venn diagram is a graphic representation of the similarities and contrasts between two concepts. Venn diagrams, also known as logic diagrams or set diagrams, are frequently used in set theory, logic, mathematics, commerce, education, computer science, and statistics.

2. The Benefits of Venn Diagram

1) To graphically organize data in order to see the connections between groups of objects, such as similarities and differences. They can be used by students and professionals to work through the logic of an idea and to visualize the relationships for visual communication. This might be anything from a simple to a complex goal.

2) To contrast two or more options and see what they have in common vs what might set them apart. This could be done while choosing a significant-good or service to purchase.

3) To be able to answer difficult mathematical problems. Of course, this assumes you're a mathematician.

4) To compare data sets, detect relationships, and forecast the likelihood of specific events.

3. How to Create a Venn Diagram

Creating a Venn Diagram in EdrawMax Online is pretty simple. The free Venn Diagram maker has several features, like directly importing your Google Drive or DropBox images.

Step 1:Login EdrawMax Online
Log in EdrawMax Online using your registered email address. If this is your first time accessing the tool, you can create your personalized account from your personal or professional email address.

Step 2:Choose a template
EdrawMax Online comes with hundreds of free Venn diagram templates. Select a pre-designed template from the panel by clicking on the ""General"" diagram type. It will open up the ""Basic"" diagram set. In this section, you will find the ""Venn Diagram."" Alternatively, press ""+"" in EdrawMax Online canvas to create a Venn Diagram from scratch.

Step 3:Work on your research
Every Venn Diagram consists of information about two or more entities. Get your proper research before you start customizing your Venn Diagrams.

Step 4:Customize the diagram
Customize your Venn Diagram by changing the symbols and shapes as required. With the easy drag-and-drop feature of EdrawMax Online, you can use all the relative elements from libraries.

Step 5:Export & Share
Once your Venn Diagram is completed, you can share it amongst your colleagues or clients using the easy export and share option. You can export the org chart diagram in multiple formats, like Graphics, JPEG, PDF, or HTML. Also, you can share the designs on different social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Line.
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