Careers Page Wireframe
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Careers Page Wireframe


Start Your Career with XXXX

Entice job seekers to read on with a short

and catchy introduction to your company.


Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Here's where you can explain what your company does

and who you serve. You might even include a short

sentence about your mission and value.

But don't forget to mention that your company is only

as good as its dedicated and creative staff.

Tell potential employees where you're located - and

why that's an asset. You may want to mention your

home base, international offices, or distributed


You might even highlight the vibrancy of your city,

region and country.

publish time: 2021-06-04

Most companies have a career page option on their website. As graphically represented below, the career page wireframe template helps you build pages that celebrate and promote company values, introduce your team, explain the benefits of your workplace, and list any available position openings. Use EdrawMax to create a wireframe for your company's website. The careers page wireframe shows the current job openings, current job requirements, and description of the company and what the prospective employees can gain if they decide to join the company. As illustrated in the below image, the careers page wireframe has dummy text. Any company can add their details like the office location, the number of employees, and distributed workforce.

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