Fruit Flashcard Part 2

Fruit Flashcard Part 2

Durian ['dʊərɪən]

Guava ['gwɑːvə]

Grape [greɪp]

Kiwi ['kiwi]

Leechee ['liːtʃiː]

Lemon ['lɛmən]

Loquat ['lokwɑt]

Mango ['mæŋɡo]

English Vocabulary - Fruits Flash Card

publish time: 2021-06-11

A fruit flashcard is a great tool for the students to learn about the fruits and their names. There are durian, guava, grape, kiwi, leechee, lemon, loquat, and mango in the following fruit flashcards. Use EdrawMax to create a fruit flashcard and share it among your students so that they can learn more about the fruits and their importance in our day-to-day life. Students should understand that fruit flashcards are small note cards used to improve memory through practiced information retrieval. The rapid process of going through these cards can help stimulate a child's engagement with the content and help them score good marks during their school tests.

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