Content Preparation Process
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Content Preparation Process

Affinity Diagram - Challenges in Content Preparation Process

No normal process for content requests

We lose track of projects

It takes long time to get keywords from the SEO team

We don't plan


We have so many meetings that interrupt our


Getting Visuals takes a really long time

Nobody ever edits my content

I'm not sure who the stake holders are for each project

No process for communicating needs for images and formatting

There is no manager for the content team

Approvals take a million years

We don't have the authority to run with our own ideas

We don't have a defined content strategy

I have a hard time focusing with so much noise in the office

So far, everything

we have written is


I lack motivation to write

publish time: 2021-06-18
Lisa Anderson

Here is an affinity diagram about the content preparation processes. An affinity diagram is a tool that is used to organize data and ideas. Affinity diagrams help you arrange information by separating contextual evidence or findings into classes of related objects. Learn more details from this affinity diagram, and try to make one for your company or project now.

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