Process Improvement Affinity Diagram
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Process Improvement Affinity Diagram

Data Collection Process Needs

Need new data collection system

Unrealistic allotment of time

Developing Product without developing process

Which comes first, composing the team or stating the problem

Don't know what customer wants

Not using collected data

Too many projects at once

Want to solve problem before clearly defining

Lack of follow up by management

Lack of training at all levels

Too busy to learn

Some people will never change

Everybody needs to change but me

Need to be creative

Behaviour modification may take longer than time available

Lack of trust in the process

Competition versus cooperation

Pressure for success

What are the rewards for using tools

Short term planning mentality

Lack of management understanding of need for it

Lack of TQM knowledge

Lack of Planning

Organizational Issues

Breaking through Old ways

Old management culture

Affinity Diagram - Continuous Process Improvement Issues

publish time: 2021-06-18
Lisa Anderson

Use EdrawMax or EdrawMax Online to create an affinity diagram that helps you understand the issues that arise during the continuous improvement process. The below affinity diagram suggests the ongoing improvement of products, services, or processes through incremental and breakthrough improvements. Continuous process improvement is an actual type of work style designed to review results and rapidly adopt new measures continuously. However, certain factors cause process improvement, like lack of TQM knowledge, lack of planning, organizational issues, breaking through old ways, and old management culture. These issues can be explained further by elaborating factors like needing a new data collection system, developing a product without developing a process, lack of follow-up by management, and others.

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