Sales Affinity Diagram
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Sales Affinity Diagram




Few Products are available for sale

Too many products are returned

Not all the produtcs line appeal to customers

Salesmen have limited coverage of remote areas

Salesmen are not motivated

Sales performance not being tracked

Prices are too low

Product reach is limited

Promitions are ineffective

Sales Affinity Diagram

publish time: 2021-06-18
Captain O Captain

Create a sales affinity diagram using EdrawMax or EdrawMax Online, as these free tools have hundreds of templates and symbols. As the below sales diagram suggests, an affinity diagram shows the relationship between information, opinions, problems, solutions, and issues by placing them in related groups. Such sales affinity diagrams keep track of all your team information and give you an overarching view of your research. Some factors affect sales cycles like the product, sales, and marketing. Issues like few products are available for sale, or too many products are returned, or products reach their spending marketing limit, creating issues in achieving desired sales results.

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