Fashion Project PERT Chart
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Fashion Project PERT Chart


Cut Fur (10 minutes)

Stuff and sew fur (30 minutes)

Dress bear (15 minutes)

Cut accessories (5 minutes)

Sew accessories (10 minutes)

Cut material for clothes (10 minutes)

Sew clothes (10 minutes)

Embroider T-shirt (10 minutes)

Package bear (5 minutes)

Ship bear (5 minutes)

publish time: 2021-06-23
Captain O Captain

The given PERT Chart example helps in strategic planning mandatory for project initiation. Using these criteria, one can make a strong differential advantage in his production or a business venture. PERT is the short form of “Program Evaluation Review Technique”. A PERT chart is a statistical chart used for project management to analyze and represent the different tasks in a project. Check out this PERT chart, and make yours with ease now.

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