Work Breakdown Structure Template
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Work Breakdown Structure Template


Deliverable 1

Deliverable 3

Deliverable 2.1

Deliverable 1.1

Deliverable 1.2

Deliverable 1.3

Deliverable 1.4

Deliverable 2.2

Deliverable 2.3

Deliverable 2.4

Deliverable 2

Deliverable 3.1

Deliverable 3.2

Deliverable 3.3

Deliverable 3.4

Work Breakdown Structure Template

publish time: 2021-07-01

A work breakdown structure is a popular project management tool. In this template, large projects are shown as broken down into smaller and more manageable parts which contain the project deliverables or outcomes that it will complete. It’s a deliverables-oriented breaking down of a project that divides project deliverables into sub-deliverables and work packages which define the work, duration and costs for the tasks that need to be carried out. Similarly, there are many template resources available in EdrawMax please do visit the EdrawMax website to learn more about the diagrams.

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