Expenses Claim Workflow Diagram
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Expenses Claim Workflow Diagram

Approve Claim

Pay Expenses

Reject Claim


Workflow Diagram - Approve Expenses Claim

Expenses Submitted

Expenses Paid

List Rejected Items

Reject Claim

Claim Rejected

publish time: 2021-07-01

In this case, the workflow diagram shows the step by step process involved in the expenses claim approval. The first step here is submission of the expenses report. If the expenses claimed are correct then it is approved for pay expenses and the expenses will be paid. Rejection takes place in two way, one is if the expenses submitted claim is rejected then the claim will also gets rejected, second one is if the items in the expenses submitted is rejected then it is added to the list of rejected items followed by paying the remaining expenses. Similarly there are many template resources available in EdrawMax please do visit the EdrawMax website to learn more about the diagrams.

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