Content Marketing Workflow
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Content Marketing Workflow

Writer Creates Article Draft / Sends to Editor

Designer Creates Article Graphics

Draft Approved?

Marketer Uploads Article to CMS/Optimises for SEO

Draft Approved

Edits Suggested


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Workflow Diagram - Content Marketing

Writer Makes Edits

publish time: 2021-07-01

This workflow diagram talks about the process involved in the content marketing. As you all know content marketing is very hectic field and required lot of coordination & Cooperation between different departments. It involves lot of to and fro communications between content writer and editor regarding the article draft and the final article has been sent to designer to add graphics to the article. Finally the marketer uploads the article in the various content management systems, optimizes it for search, shares it with influencers, etc. Similar way EdrawMax allows its users create their own content marketing process & make them understand in better way.

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