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Amazon PESTEL Analysis

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Lisa Anderson
Published on 2021-07-02
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Amazon is an e-commerce giant that has made it big in the retail market. Over the years, Amazon has expanded its business and has also been involved in cloud computing, digital streaming, and more. The firm has made its mark on e-commerce. Despite having a stable position in the market, this multinational technology company deals with increasing competition in the field. Amazon PESTEL analysis helps the company to study the remote macro-environment and steadily deal with the competition. It also helps them identify their drawbacks and work on improving customer experience. Amazon PESTEL analysis points out the key issues that might pose a problem in it also helps in producing strategies that will help achieve its long-term goal. At the same time, it highlights the factors such as technological and social that will help the top player to hold its place in the online retail market.
PESTEL Analysis Exam
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