Apple PESTEL Analysis
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Apple PESTEL Analysis

  • Apple Computers figures at $195.57 billion concerning cash balance.

Apple outsources manufacturing to China, and the conflict ensuing between the USA and China has imposed restrictions on imports for renewing the US manufacturing business.



  • Apple has to compete against formidable competitors Google, Samsung

Currently, the firm is providing pricey accessories to its consumers.



  • Consumers have gladly accepted the use of smartphones.

Social status is no longer an effective force for upgrading mobile devices as consumers are looking for cost-effective and functional solutions.



  • To acquire a comprehensive picture of the economic factor, one should consider several aspects.

The business owners can therefore plan their selling strategies accordingly to ensure a good profit margin.



  • Apple can face environmental challenges.

Industrial emissions from manufacturing outlets in China are another issue because China is implementing stricter emission laws.



  • Apple’s entry into the financial services industry is a lucrative choice.

These business arenas entail insurance and compliance expenses for Apple.



PESTEL Analysis of Apple

publish time: 2021-07-02
Lisa Anderson

Apple PESTEL analysis aids the company in dealing with the rising competition in the market. The various factors that PESTEL analysis includes are- Political, Ecological, Social, Technological, Economical and Legal. It is prudent to conduct a half-yearly PESTEL analysis, to maintain an advantageous position in the business field. The company must monitor those strategies employed to elevate the company's status and improve its customer solutions. It is possible with the help of PESTEL analysis. With the help of PESTEL analysis, the company can point out the problems by scrutinizing the macro-environmental aspects. Apple PESTEL analysis reveals the key issues that can potentially hinder the company's progress in the future. It also enlists the factors that can help them in achieving their goals and broadening their scope.

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