Coca Cola PESTEL Analysis
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Coca Cola PESTEL Analysis

If there are changes in taxation, labor laws, employment conditions, these situations can affect the sales of Coca-Cola





As a beverage company, Coca-Cola has already earned a customer base. Other competitors can start their business with similar carbonated drinks.

Coca-Cola primarily deals in carbonated sugary drinks. As more consumers are leaning towards healthy alternatives, the lack of it from the brand can result in a fall in their revenue generation.

The brands need research to develop their products. The more they can invest in developing infrastructure, the more opportunity they get to conduct good research.

The company needs to consider more eco-friendly packaging options. They can substitute their plastic bottle with other materials which are easily recyclable.


As Coca-Cola has a wide area of services, they need to consider it. Failing to do so may result in legal prosecution.


PESTEL Analysis of Coca-Cola

publish time: 2021-07-02
Lisa Anderson

Although Coca-Cola is a strong brand with a massive customer base, external factors can affect its business. The PESTEL analysis of Coca-Cola can help them get a clear view of their business conditions, which they can manage with wise strategies. As Coca-Cola is a huge company, they have some positive issues like a loyal customer base, robust infrastructure, and investments. The PESTEL analysis of Coca-Cola shows that company needs to strategize aptly to plan their future growth. They can consider working on the issues which can directly impact them. For example, Coca-Cola must find out some way to bring more people who are health conscious by offering new alternatives to their carbonated beverages. Market research and proper execution of strategies can help them to grow in the competitive market.

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