Disney PESTEL Analysis
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Disney PESTEL Analysis

  • The intellectual property policies of the company favor its expansion in the global market if the company monitors the Marvel movies from possible violation of IP.

Instability of the trade policies, on the other hand, can threaten the growth of the business.



  • Technological advancement plays an essential role in the entertainment industry.

Enhanced use of innovative concepts like augmented reality has a great appeal to the new generation.



  • Right from the era of silent films till today, the company has adapted to the changes to suit the audience's taste.

Peoples’ inclination toward online activities, especially during their leisure, benefits the company.



  • The steady growth of the mass media and entertainment industry in various developing countries looks promising for the growth of Disney

Company must consider the turbulent economy of the US while reshaping the existing business strategies.



  • Climate change remains a challenge for the company since it disrupts the functioning of amusement parks and resorts.

Dependence on renewable energy has improved the brand image in the mind of people.



  • The company must monitor the content so that it abides by the content guidelines.

Attention to the environmental laws concerning eco-friendly theme parks and recycling proves beneficial for the company.



PESTEL Analysis of Disney

publish time: 2021-07-02
Lisa Anderson

Via Disney PESTEL analysis, a firm can sketch strategies to be on the profitability of the business. With the increased competition for subscribers and viewership, companies need to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses to face the challenges posed by powerful rivals. Disney PESTEL analysis promises to help the company achieve the mission set by the company that is to entertain, inform and inspire people. The company should work on its shortcomings and focus on its strengths, using its innovative technologies and creative minds. It will then be the world’s premier entertainment company.

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