Google PESTEL Analysis
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Google PESTEL Analysis

  • As the free trade agreement offers more chances for export and import, Google can consider their product demands in markets and then sell their products.

If a country has a stable political scenario and good market conditions, Google can set strategies to penetrate the market.



  • AI and cloud-based technologies are gaining high popularity among individuals, and many companies are also incorporating AI-based technologies in their systems.

Google can constantly develop their product and keep them up-to-date.



  • Data piracy has been a big concern of many users.

Similar platforms like Google are also gaining popularity. The competition can affect the growth of Google.



  • The pandemic has shrunk the economy in many countries where Google operates its services.

Google may get a good market in most of the areas they serve.



  • The company can support ecology and go green projects.

Google has already established a sustainable relationship with its agents and suppliers.



  • Google earns a significant part of its revenue from advertisements.

As the countries are taking a strong standpoint against the violation of Intellectual property rights



PESTEL Analysis of Google


publish time: 2021-07-02
Lisa Anderson

Disney PESTEL analysis promises to help the company achieve the mission set by the company that is to entertain, inform and inspire people. The company should work on its shortcomings and focus on its strengths, using its innovative technologies and creative minds. It will then be the world’s premier entertainment company. The PESTLE analysis of a company can help to judge the external factors that can impact a company's growth. It can also identify the weak areas and point out the opportunities that they can bag. Google can modify its systems regularly to develop a secured medium for the users. It can make them a preferable choice over their competitors.

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