Netflix PESTEL Analysis
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Netflix PESTEL Analysis

PEST Analysis of Netflix

  • For Netflix, censorship has proven to be an issue.

Due to the government rules and policies, the entire content of Netflix is not available in all countries and its viewers.

  • The fluctuating exchange rate affects its economy when buying others’ content.

The loyal customers of Netflix complain about a steady hike in the subscription price.

  • The splendid work environment works in favor of the company.

Netflix and its CEO are known for their generous nature, and their kind gestures have touched people.

  • In Netflix, one can avail high-quality video with minimal data being spent.

The continuously changing algorithms often confuse the users.

  • The company’s recent investment in joining hands with EPA showcases its willingness to shift to renewable energy.

Other steps towards a sustainable future include reduced use of papers in the office.

  • The sudden hike in subscription prices led the company to have a conflict with its customers.

The continuous copyright claim drives Netflix to face issues with a small segment of its customers.













publish time: 2021-07-02
Lisa Anderson

PESTEL, in simple terms, is a tool that helps companies to monitor the macro-environment that affects the growth of the organizations. This Netflix PESTEL analysis can be described as a framework that helps company achieves its long-term and short-term goals. It helps assess the external factors that impact the company and the industry as a whole. The company operating in over 190 countries with a whopping 195 million customers is not free from market risks. The remote macro-environment factors leave an impact on this company in more than one way. Netflix PESTEL analysis helps the company determine the risks, addressing the concerns, assess the scope of growth in the potential market, and focus on productivity.

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