Wiki PESTEL Analysis
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Wiki PESTEL Analysis

  • Wikipedia donations start from the minimum amount of 15 USD, and many individuals worldwide donate to the platform.

Wikipedia has been accused of publishing politically influenced narratives in the past.



  • Technological innovation has always been a blessing to online applications and platforms.

The biggest criticism that Wikipedia has received over the years is its representation of facts.



  • Wikipedia is a site that has content promoting different social, gender, and racial discriminations.

The social conditions may get manipulated if any person used Wikipedia for their biased ideas.



  • Since the company's significant revenue comes from donations, there is no fixed revenue for it.

Wikipedia may consider an advertisement as an essential source of revenue.



  • They can offer funding projects for the buyers, which they can donate for environmental projects.

The site can also add some notes about saving ecology and environment under their content which may grab the audience's attention.



  • Wikipedia offers users to edit a page without much catering about their credibility.

The information shared on Wikipedia may not be true, and there is not much scope for the users to judge.



PESTEL Analysis of Wiki

publish time: 2021-07-02
Lisa Anderson

Though the Wikimedia organization is a charitable organization, its revenue may get affected by external issues. PESTEL analysis Wiki can identify those factors and aptly plan to increase their revenue. The PESTEL analysis Wiki shows that there are some occasions in which external factors may influence Wikipedia. They need to ensure their credibility and are required to find strategies to bring in more revenue. The need to restrict the function of free editing may resolve some issues with its credibility. The tool needs to warn the audience about such sensitive content.

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