Friday Facts Fault Tree Analysis
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Friday Facts Fault Tree Analysis

Audit FailureORAudit ObjectivesFailureORObjective UnattainableObjectiveUnidentifiedObjectiveIncorrectORObjectiveAmbiguousObjectiveObsoleteAudit ProcessFailureORType I ErrorType II ErrorFailure of AuditprocessElementsANDSystem Compliance/suitability errordoesn't existError isdetectedANDSystem Compliance/suitability error existError isundetectedAudit Resources FailureORAuditorFailureFailure of otherResourcesORAuditorincompetentAuditorUnqualifiedFriday Facts Fault Tree AnalysisOR
publish time: 2021-07-13

The given fault tree example is an illustration of audit failure in Friday facts fault tree analysis. It shows the necessary relations that trigger the undesired state. This fault tree diagram also helps understand the primary causes and provides the framework for a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the events. Fault Tree Analysis is a diagrammatical representation of different causes of system failure. Whenever an undesirable event occurs in an organization, you need to analyze its origin with the help of Fault Tree Analysis. Learn more details from this fault tree analysis, or try to make yours with ease now.

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