Human Skin Layers - Biology Diagram
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Human Skin Layers - Biology Diagram

Hair shaftEccrine sweat glandAdipose tissueArrector pili muscleSebaceous(oil) glandSensory nerve fiberCutaneous vascular plexusElastic fibersCollagenCutaneous vascular plexusEpidermisDermisHypodermisHair rootThe Layers of Human SkinHair folliclePore of sweat gland duct
publish time: 2021-07-15

The outermost layer of the human body is the skin, and it has different layers that provide warmth to the human body and, at the same time, protect the other organisms present inside the human body. There are three distinct layers, namely the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. There are blood vessels under the human skin, and there are also connective tissues and fats. The skin has hair follicles and sweat glands present at the hypodermis level.

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