Plant Cell Diagram - Biology Diagram
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Plant Cell Diagram - Biology Diagram

Golgi apparatusGolgi vesicles RibosomeSmooth ER(no ribosomes)NucleolusNucleusRough ER(endoplasmic reticulum)Large central vacuoleAmyloplast(starch grain)Cell wallCell membraneChloroplastVacuole membraneRaphide crystalMitochondrionDruse crystalCytoplasm
publish time: 2021-07-15

Cells are of two types, plant cells, and animal cells. The plant cell is eukaryotic in type and has a cell wall outside it. Like animal cells, they also have developed nuclei and membrane-bound organelles. The plant cell anatomy can help the student learn about the organelles' structure present in the cytoplasm. Here is an example of the plant cell, which can help students learn about a plant cell structure and its difference from an animal cell.

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