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Concave Mirror Experiment

Publish timeļ¼š07-24-2021
As shown in the below Concave experiment diagram, a concave mirror, or converging mirror, has a reflecting surface that is recessed inward. It should be noted here that Concave Mirrors reflect light inward to one focal point, and they are generally used to focus light. The primary example of a concave mirror experiment template is the mirrors used in automobile headlights, reflecting telescopes, torch lights, etc. It should be noted in the experiment that a concave mirror is a spherical mirror with the surface of reflection curved in an inward direction, while a convex mirror is a spherical mirror with a reflecting surface with an outward bulge. In the below Concave Mirror Experiment, the primary objective is kept between C and F, and when it is reflected in the mirror, the image will get inverted and will be shown below.
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Akanchha Agarwal
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