Flexible Magnets Productions Flowchart
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Flexible Magnets Productions Flowchart

Magnetic Powder

Plastic Material


Calendering/ Extruding

Mounting in System

Coating, Marking,



Surface Treatment

Final Inspection

Final Product

Control of Incoming Goods

Production Flow Diagram

publish time: 2021-07-30

There are several processes for making magnets, and one of them is described in the below magnet production flow chart diagram. One of the most common methods of creating flexible magnets is called Powder Metallurgy. In this process, a suitable composition is pulverized into a fine powder, compacted, and heated to cause densification via liquid phase sintering. There are several methods for compacting the powder, and they all involve aligning the particles so that all the magnetic regions are pointing in a prescribed direction in the finished part. The first method is called transverse pressing. This is where the powder is placed into a cavity in a tool on the press, and punches enter the tool to compress the powder.

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