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Functional Organizational Chart

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Published on 2021-08-11
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A cross-functional organizational chart for construction companies showcases how different company sectors are associated with different projects. To make a cross-functional org chart like below, use a free org chart maker like EdrawMax or EdrawMax. These tools have some amazing symbols and templates that let you create amazing organizational charts for free. 

1. What is Functional Organizational Chart

The functional org chart is a typical organizational structure used by many firms, and it is designed to separate employees into different departments based on their skills and roles in the company. Persons with extensive experience and expertise would be appointed as department managers, with full authority over all aspects of the department, including training, task allocation, and promotion.

2. The Types of Functional Organizational Chart

1) Top-Down Functional Hierarchy
A classic business structure is shown in a functional, top-down organizational chart. The C-Suite is at the top of the pyramid, followed by senior management, middle managers, and so on. Based on everyone's functional position in the organization, the structure is organized into standard departments such as IT, marketing, finance, human resources, and operations.

2) Flat Org Chart
Between executives and all other staff, a flat organization structure will display few or no tiers of administration. Every employee benefits from this type of framework since it allows them to be more self-directed and make better decisions. It's most commonly used by small enterprises, but it's not unheard of in larger corporations as well.

3) Matrix Org Chart
Employees are grouped into teams by projects or products, which are led by a project or product manager, but also report to a functional man
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