Chicken Egg Anatomy
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Chicken Egg Anatomy

Vitelline membraneGerminal discChalazaYolkThin albumenThick albumenAir cellCuticulaEggshellAnatomy of Chicken Egg
publish time: 2021-08-12

Chicken egg is a versatile food item with a package of proteins, vitamins, and several other necessary nutrients. However, in daily life, the egg is there in almost every meal taken. People have eggs either in fried form or boiled, as and when required. This unique feature of the egg is mainly because of its basic structure inside. While starting to talk about Chicken egg anatomy, it is significant to note its main components. It includes the yolk, the white, the membrane, the shell, and the bloom. However, it will be fun to know about what more lies inside this extraordinary food item. Learn more details from this diagram, or try to make yours with ease now.

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