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Organization Project Calendar

Publish time:08-20-2021
As the workloads of any company increases, teams and previously effective managers start making mistakes. The below Greiner Curve is a useful way of thinking about the crisis that organizations experience as they grow. The following template describes phases that organizations go through as they grow. From design shops to manufacturers, construction companies to professional service firms, all kinds of organizations experience these. Each growth phase comprises a period of relatively stable growth, followed by a "crisis" when major organizational change is needed if the company is to carry on growing. Use the following 100% editable template provided by EdrawMax and customize it as per your requirements. There isn't many staff, so informal communication works fine, and rewards for long hours are probably through profit share or stock options. However, as more staff join, production expands, and capital is injected, there's a need for more formal communication.
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Organization Project Calendar