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Research + Audit


Change Phase 1

Change Phase 2

Review + Retrospective

Swimlane of Change Roadmap Covering Events...





Communicate Vision

Resource Allocation

Team Restructure

Team Incentives

Implement Feedback

Goal Setting + KPIS


Long Term KPIS

Employee Feedback

Team Preparedness

HR Handbook

Enforce Policies

Employee Feedback

Research Consulting Firms

Team Offsites

Infrastructure Review

Data Analysis

Implement Tools

New Billing System

Cashflow Review


Risk Analysis

Build New Infrastructure

Data Aggregation

Create Timeline

Implement Processes

Competitive Analysis

Public Launch

PR Campaign

publish time: 2021-08-20
Lisa Anderson

A Swimlane is a theme-oriented visualization of roadmap items that work best for "no dates" roadmaps or more agile roadmaps that can be pivoted on themes, sprints, or epics. A swimlane of change roadmap covering events marks the series of activities covered by multiple departments of the organization before, during, and after the event. It should be noted here that the following swimlane of change roadmap covering events of planning operation and marketing comprises the activities practiced by the marketing, operations, human resource, and leadership in respect to research and audit, planning, and review. Well-designed and detailed swimlane events of planning, operation, marketing, and this graphic illustration provide wide visualization catering to specific audiences.

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