Rizal Law Venn Diagram
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Rizal Law Venn Diagram

Will make the Noli me tangere and

el filibusterismo readings


Reading the novel's woud foster

appreciation in Rizal's time

Will enlightened the people about


Mandates the people to study


Spread nationalism among Filipino


The bill will violate freedom

of concience and religion

The church doesn't want a conflict

between nationalism and faith

Rizal's message might not be

understood by some Filipinos

Many people are not

intrested in studying history

Some students

find it not necessary

Although with a lot of controversies and oppositions, Rizal law (RA 1425) was signed on June 12,195 by former President Ramon Magsaysay.

Proponents and the Opponents of Rizal Law



publish time: 2021-08-23
James Daniel Pulongbarit

Here is a Venn diagram about the proponents and opponents of Rizal Law. As for the opponents, the bill will violate freedom of conscience and religion, the church doesn't want a conflict between nationalism and faith. Regarding the proponents, it spread nationalism among the Filipino people. A Venn diagram is the graphical representation of relations between various elements or components of a particular concept or scenario. It helps an individual to analyze the relationship between those elements. Learn more details from this Venn diagram, and try to use Venn diagram to analyze your knowledge.

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