DMS Data Entry Flowchart
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DMS Data Entry Flowchart


Update Site List

Update Energy Data List

Open new DMS

Action: Refresh the DMS by going to Data > Refresh All or Click the Refresh icon in DMS Sheet

Popup: Any new site or changes in the site list?

Popup: Please make changes

in the Site List

DMS Data Entry Flowchart


Action: Click View Data sheets to view Data


Action: Add new site to the list following the guide below:

1. For New Site, add the site information, make Site Status as Live and insert effective start date of the site

2. For Decommissioned Site, update the existing Site Status to Decommissioned and effective end date of the site

3. For Relocated site, update the existing Site Status to Relocated then add the Relocated site as a new site with Live status and update the effective date accordingly

4. Check that the total number of sites in your data match the number of sites in the Site List sheet.

5. Conduct a random check of Site Information to ensure the correctness of the list

6. DO NOT proceed with energy data entry until inconsistencies in the Site ID list are rectified

Action: Click OK

(You will be automatically diverted to Site List)

Action: When completed, save the data. Click File > Save or Ctrl+S

Action: Select

any energy spreadsheet

Popup: Site list changes completed?

Action: Select the relevant energy sheets to enter data

Action: Fill in the new data

1. Ensure your source data is sorted by Site ID and Month to match the list in the DMS energy worksheets

2.Select Asset then select Month

3. Copy cost and kWh data from your source data to the DMS energy sheets

4. Repeat for the remaining months in the quarter

Action: When completed, save the data.

Click File > Save or Ctrl+S

Repeat for each energy

sheet as needed



publish time: 2021-08-23

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